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Grumpy and Glorious: Celebrating a Good Grouch ... and hopefully honoring the women too

Today is National Gray Haired Grumpy Old Woman Day. I've spotted this as an opportunity to highlight inclusiveness, mindful attention to our emotional wellbeing, and International Women's Day (8 March) that isn't corporate. Say what? Yup. Because many of that day's messages feel more like brand-building or self-promotion than honoring our better halves!

So from the weird kid in my corner to all the other weird and mainstream folks, here's some news-you-can-use. Let's reframe that "grumpy" label into something positive. Because sometimes, a good grumble is exactly how women can honor themselves, so often expected to be cheerful and accommodating.

That makes total sense: women are mothers, partners, employees, caretakers, and so much more. That constant juggling can leave little space for voicing discontent. Yet, grumpiness, or feeling like things just aren't quite right, can be a signal. It can tell you you're tired, undervalued, or that a situation needs improvement.

It can be:

  • Your act of self-advocacy: A well-placed grumble can set boundaries, protecting precious time and energy. It demands the respect and space women deserve.

  • A catalyst for change: That low-level annoyance can be the spark that ignites creative solutions to streamline life's demands, benefiting not just yourselves, but those around you.

  • A vital form of self-care: Maybe you just need some peace and quiet! Grumpiness can be a prompt to recharge, allowing you to better support yourselves and others.

This year, let's approach International Women's Day with a new perspective. The next time you feel a grump coming on, don't stifle it. Embrace it! A healthy dose of grumpiness might be just the self-care rebellion you need. It's a way to demand the space, respect, and balance women deserve.

So Happy National Gray Haired Grumpy Old Woman Day.

And hey, men, our turn will come. Mark our calendars for Gray Haired Grumpy Old Man Day on November 14th. I'll bring cake and insults.

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