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Are you part of the Great Resignation?

There are possibly three reasons we are leaving our jobs in droves.

  1. Working from home has made us realize how little we need to make us happy, whether financially, emotionally or culturally. Many things can be enjoyed online, a lot of them for free. And home, as it turns out, is really where our heart is.

  2. We’ve started to define work-life balance as one that begins with life. Work now needs to be designed around life, even if it consumes 10 to 12 hours of our day. We want work to hold space for walking our kid to school, meals with the family, Netflix-bingeing with the spouse or partner and walks with the family pooch. We may never return to having life bend to work’s will.

  3. Not seeing the boss or having him/her hover around us has been mentally and emotionally liberating, even if we liked them (very much) before COVID. They are still the bosses who call the shots, and having them far away from us gives the illusion that we control our days. We simply want real control of our days from now.

Which reason rings true for you? What other reasons have I not included - leave your comments and thoughts here. Let’s chat!

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