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Ten years

Ten years later

I’ll meet you here, my dear

After I’ve slayed and made a killing

Having been slayed a few times, too, I know death

Ten years later, I’ll be ready to meet you here

Beginning a life with myself, my dear.

The life I thought I wanted started early

But something in me dimmed and I could no longer

Feel the life I grew into

May be I needed the anger to prove others wrong

When the peace came, I no longer wanted this.

I still love the money, the power

The delusion of being admired

There are bills to pay, a house to build

Which is why I must die every day

So that others may see me thrive

And my beloveds can drive

In shiny metal objects that do not emit gas.

This is hard work

This is what people must mean

By heart work

There is no anger

But there is no peace either

It is hard on the heart

If I felt it I would not carry on.

These days I nurture Buddhist zen

Wearing my crucifix

I meditate

Its will be done

Ten years later, I will be done

I will meet you here, my dear

My heart will beat

My life will begin.

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